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With the latest 3D technology, we enable you to preview and present your art wherever you are, on any wall, and true to scale.

The perfect app to try and place art virtually

View in AR

The ART.AUGMENTED features

Present art
true to scale.

  • The perfect tool for artists, curators and collectors to showcase art at any time.
  • Real dimensions, without any logistical issues.

Place artworks

Give art lovers the chance to try out artworks wherever they want and get a feel for it, no need for costly and time consuming shipping.

art app augmented screenshot
Display art on any wall
art app augmented screenshot
art app augmented screenshot
And true to scale

Reaching out
Made easy.

  • Each work of art shown in the app supports reaching out to you as an exhibitor.
  • Contacting you is simple. Just one step away from a sale.

Display your art. Anywhere. anytime.

The KUNSTMATRIX Art.Augmented app allows you to showcase artworks on any wall, regardless of its surface, size, or location. You can scale artworks up or down and move them around simply by using your device, providing flexibility and convenience in presenting your pieces.

What people think about ART.AUGMENTED

In Amsterdam even the biggest apartment in the city centre can have a narrow staircase and creates problems when placing art on trial…
With the app it is soooo much easier and everybody loves the outcome. It is a lot of fun to be able to try various pieces in a room without having to hold them to a wall.
Also the foreign clients who are not able to decide after visiting our galleries in Amsterdam and Barcelona, when they arrive at home the app gives them a final push towards owning an original piece of art!

Marcel Huisman, Villa del Arte Galleries


3D Exhibitions

The virtual tool to to curate, present and archive artworks in outstanding 3D exhibitions.

Art.Augmented App

3D Art App

Present art at any place without any logistics with our Augmented Reality technology. Get the App for iOS or Android.


Inventory Management

Organize and categorize art and track the state of your complete portfolio.


Sales Management

Manage contacts, art, activities and sales with our customer-relationship management system.



Limited Features

no public 3D Exhibition




Storage for 50 works of art

5 public 3D Exhibitions




Storage for 250 works of art

10 public 3D Exhibitions




Storage for 500 works of art

50 public 3D Exhibitions



Customization, Services and
Enterprise Solutions

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